Investment In Turkey

Investment In Turkey

by Hakan Altınkeser, Managing Partner,  Haltin Consultancy &Trade LCC


Turkey offers generous investment opportunities in several sectors with its high skilled labor force,and ability to penetrate know‐how experience in emerging manufacturing industries and supplier bases.

Firstly, let’s have a look at the key factors which are essential for the global investors to support the investment decision in a foreign country:


The charts below show the population, over 65 years, below 15 years of Turkey in comparison to other Eastern EU countries. Turkey has strong competitive advantage in young population who are already in workforce and/or will join to work force in the following years.
Turkey Vs Est EU countries

Labor Market:

High skilled labor in force in Turkey has become so attractive for the global investors in recent years. IMD WCY’s executive survey based on an index from 0 to 10 points out that Turkey has strong capability in Finance skills, and qualified engineers compared to Eastern European countries.
labor market

Development and Application of Technology:

A convincing level of technological infrastructure and application such as mobile networks, IT, banking, supplier bases, and sub-contractors are the key factors for a business to run efficiently. According to IMD WCY executive survey, development and application of technology of Turkey is comparatively good among the East EU Countries, as graphed below:
Development and application of technology Turkey Vs East EU

Doing Business:

Bureaucratic process is a cost of doing business in many countries. We are all aware that complicated procedures are generally intimidating. However, Turkey has shown great progress to contribute the business environment in recent years. For example, you will spend less time and effort in Turkey to register a property and establish your company. The graph below shows the number of days required to register a property and to establish a company in comparison to selected countries.
doing business

These charts in this section are generated based on the data obtained from the IMD World Competitiveness Online 1995-2015, the World Trade Indicators 2009 database, and the World Bank Doing Business 2015 report.

We can increase the number of key factors to analyse basic criteria for doing business. If you have an existing production facilities in Europe, and would like to enlarge your capacity with a new plant, the right address could be Turkey. That is why, Turkey has been chosen as an important destination for 39.200 companies established by foreign capital.

Turkey is still a Low Cost County in many sectors and it is likely to keep its competitive advantage in the future. In addition to being a LCC country, the current geographical location of Turkey serves as a hub among MENA, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe countries.

The real power of Turkey consists the mid-size family enterprises with generally well adopted to local environment and doing semi-automated production. 60% of total exports in Turkey are realized by the mid-size family enterprises. These companies have good shares at local markets and partially at foreign markets, optimized manufacturing capacities and they are mainly run by the family members. They are profitable and financially in a good position.  Some of them highly intend to have strategic partners with whom they could reinforce their technological background and may become part of a global entity.  So, in the stage, potential acquisition possibilities in Turkey also serve great opportunities.

large domestic marketBy M&A transaction which could be finished at a good price, brings a lot of valuable opportunities;

  • Well running plant
  • Low cost of manufacturing opportunity (Min. monthly wage cost to employer 470 €)
  • Easy penetration to the market of 76 mio. population
  • Experienced staff in local market
  • No time losing.

The only thing you need to have before you start to work is a good consultant and advisor with a one stop shop perspective who has real business experience and can lead you throughout all the way from market analysis, company selection, negotiations, and final agreement, legally take over and finish the transaction and also follow up for the first year.

naturalOur company, Haltin Consultancy & Trade LCC, provides exactly this service. With experienced team, you will have benefit and confidence to be with the right partner.  Please feel free to consult any further info if you request more detailed information about investment in Turkey. As Haltin Invest, we are ready to offer an extensive program for you to develop a business in Turkey.


Picture4Hakan Altınkeser is the founding partner and principal of Haltın Consultancy &Trade and has spent circa 20 years working with in various sectors like textile, power generators, FMCG, Chemy-Pharma, Home Appliances, Automotive, Plastic Injection. Hakan is holding MSc. Degree on industiral engineering. He worked in Egypt, Turkey and Germany. His expertises are mainly on International Business, Trading, Manufacturing investments, M&A Advisory, Business Policy, Strategic Management, Business development, Project Management, Purchasing, Sourcing, Sub-contracting, Supplier Management

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